Speeding up bulk deployment from one environment to another

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Hi all,

We currently have a large number of related projects in DM. When we build a project a release matching the build version is created and deployed to our test environment - Works a treat.

The problem is if I want to deploy all the changes into another environment, I am having to manually select each project in DM and go through the deployment steps - Which is super annoying, I just want to click a button and go grap a cup of tea!

The DM GUI does not seem to have any support for bulk deployment, unless I create one massive project. I am not keen on a single list of ~1000 variables though (perhaps adding some simple variable grouping to the UI would be a cool feature?)...

As a work-around I was hoping to use deploymentmanager.exe in a CI script to deploy from one environment to another, but the only way I can see that working is if the most current package is always what I want to deploy. Seeing as we have 3 environments this will not be the case.

If I knew a way to pull the currently deployed version in an environment of a DM project I could make it work, but I am not aware of any way to do that (perhaps a new deploymentmanager.exe flag, or some additional information returned in deploymentmanager.exe list-environments would be a cool feature?).

Has anyone run into this issue, and found a work-around?



  • Hi,

    You're right- the portal doesn't really offer any kind of automation along the lines of what you might need.

    The CLI tool, DeploymentManager.exe does let you specify the package version though, so you don't *have* to deploy the latest package if you don't want to.

    Run "DeploymentManager help create-release" for all the switches available - you can also add a "deployto=<environment>" to the create-release command to deploy at the same time if that's of use?
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