Not able to get the same profiling results as with v7.4

MirecMirec Posts: 5 Bronze 1
edited June 13, 2013 10:27AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 8
Hi, after some time, I've found that the new version of ANTS Performance Profiler v8.0 isn't working well and even I could tell it doesn't work for me at all :-(

Here is what I've found. I was trying to profile my application and was trying to find what is going on in some concrete piece of code which I knew that it was slow. After some time with experiments and different settings I've tried to go back to v7.4 and wau, no problem. My problematic code is there! What's going on!

And also there is in the database view problem. It doesn't show me any statements. If I run the v7.4 I can see all the statements that were executed.



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