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I am trying to link SQL Source Control to a TFS server where I have a different set of credentials (and therefore single signon isn't going to work).

In Visual Studio, this appears to be possible, since Visual Studio attempts single signon, then asks for credentials. I've tested SQL Source Control and it simply gives me a permission denied message:

Access Denied: [my userid] needs the following permission(s) to perform this action: View collection-level information

Is there anyway to get Source Control to not use single signon?


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    You can run SQL Server Management Studio as a different user, and then SQL Source Control will connect as that user.
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    Thanks for that - I am aware of this functionality, I use to switch between my sysadmin permissions and developer permissions. The limitation with that is my credentials on TFS need to have permissions on the machine I'm running SSMS from (which they don't). I'll put it into context properly....

    We have a hosted client environment, our internal domain does not have a trust with the hosted domain by design. Consequently, I cannot use any of my logons from the hosted domain to access the internal domain.

    On hosted domain, I used hosted\JJB7 but internally I used internal\JJB7. Visual Studio it's simple, it attempts single signon and when it can't find hosted\JJB7 asks for my credentials, I can't do that (so it seems) with SQL Source Control?
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    With hosted TFS, if authentication fails, it should present you with the opportunity to enter your Windows Live ID. I'm not sure if you are using Microsoft's hosted TFS or just a TFS one a different network, though.

    It should use the TFS API to do this, but in my experience sometimes it sends a wrong cached credential. You may want to try signing on with Visual Studio and then use Source Control as that seems to have some effect on the TFS Credential Cache (sorry to say this is not ours, it's Microsoft's and I don't have any information about how to manually manage the TFS Credential Cache).
  • My main db is on the MyDomain domain, and I have a user MyDomain\me.

    I have a qa db on a different domain than my main TFS server. I still need to attach the DBs to the TFS source control, but I can't even run SSMS as MyDomain\me because the QA server doesn't recognize that domain, and I can't set up MyQADomain\meAsQA as a TFS user because MyDomain doesn't recognize that user.

    So how do I forcibly override the TFS credentials?
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