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Is there a way I can have SQL compare filter out certain tables for static data, but still compare the table scheme? For example, let's say my source control has tables A, B, and C and they all have static data. I want to compare those tables against tables A, B, and C on my test server. I want the scheme of all three tables to be compared, but I only want the static data of table B to be compared.

How can this be done if it is possible to do? Also, I'm using SQL Compare using the command line (not sure if that makes a difference).


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    Thank you for your forum post.

    SQL Compare does not compare data, it will only compare the structure or schema of the database objects. In the scenario you have described where you wish to only compare the static data held in table B between two data sources, I recommend that you evaluate SQL Data Compare.

    Further information regarding SQL Data compare can be found HERE.

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    SQL Compare will compare data if it is static data, which is data that can be stored in source control. I have done this before by using the /Include:StaticData argument in the SQL Compare command line and I have confirmed that this does work. The question that I have is how can I compare tables without the static data only for certain tables?
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