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I am getting errors when trying to implement the SQLDOC generator in the TeamCity plugin. No matter what I do, the password is not stored in the SQLDOC configuration file - and the SQLDOC generation fails with: [Generating documentation] Error: Failed to generate documentation, reason 'Login failed for user 'sa'.'.

When I open the SQLDOC configuration file in SQLDOC I have no problem accessing the DB.

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  • ehuggzehuggz Posts: 10 Bronze 1
    SQLDoc is only storing the password the first time you create the configuration file. Re-created the file from scratch and saved pw. Many issues with edit, took me a while to realize that selecting edit saved none of the original data. Could not figure out why the SQLDOC would not run until I realized my original entries had been wiped out when editing.

    Not good design.
    Eric Huggins | Continuous Integration Manager
    Pinnacle of Indiana
  • Thank you for your post.

    The SQL Doc generator is changing. The development team have redesigned this so that it will no longer be necessary to store passwords in the project file. This will mean that it will automatically use the credentials in the TeamCity build runner step.

    This new build will be release shortly, I am told, although I don't yet have a date.
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