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Data fr. SQL Table with relation to a other Column

ULRICHSULRICHS Posts: 2 Bronze 1
Hi I'm new to Data generator, so if this is a silly easy qurestion - sorry for that, but I can't find an answer on my own.

I have to generate data in an SQL Table that has to be very realistic.
The data are individual related. Eg. Name, Firstname, gender, street, birthdate, etc.

An example:
I have some thousand female and male firstnames in a (source) table.
1st Column: Firstname (~5000 unique in the table)
2nd Column: Gender (m / w) w == female in german.

I have to generate realistic test data, so eg. "Susanne" should'nt be "male" in the data.

Generating the firstnames is no problem.

How can I add the correct gender in the second column ??
I don't know how to refer to the same row using the second column in the source table.

Can anyone help ?



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    Unfortunately, you can't really do this. SQL Data Generator cannot generate information in one column based on the value in another.

    It's a pretty common request, but there's no immediate likelihood of this change being made I'm afraid.
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    If you need to generate data with columns value related to other one (eg : Suzan with a 'female' data column), you could use csv Import.

    In that case, the column values are picked from an unique row.

    hope it helps...

    using SQL data Generator 2.0
    dedicated CRM Software build with dotNet WPF / SQLServer 2008R2
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