performance measurement automatization?

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I would like to use the ANTS Performance Profiler to do certain performance measures on a Silverlight project on a regular basis. Is there any public / known API to control the profiler from a script to startup a certain application and take snapshots via scripting?

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  • Yes.

    For clarification- the Performance Profiler doesn't work on a 'snap-shot basis' (versions 1-3 used to, however and the Memory profiler does) - but this is incidental to giving you exactly what you want, I think.

    So- I think the first place to start is with our command-line version of the profiler:


    You can automate the running of this of course, and you can easily set it to run a profiling session that you have previously saved, using the GUI.

    More info here: ... alkthrough

    Please let me know if anything is not clear.

    Do you want the same question answered for the Memory Profiler? (if so, please post in the other forum)
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