Redgate ANT performance profiler seems to get stuck in loop

I run ANT profiler pointing it at IIS with my credentials. When i start profiling, the home page comes up, but when I hit a certain page, ANT just seems to get stuck in some infinite loop trying to profile the application.

I can highlight the current area, and i see 80 million hits to an unknown method(which seems to be where ants gets stuck)

I can stop ANTS, navigate to the site and that same page that causes ants to get stuck, and all is well. I have seen ANTs do this from time to time, but never 10 times in a row.

Normally, i can reset IIS, and restart the ANTS service and tool and viola it will start working again, and not get into the infinite loop.

is there a known bug/workaround for this type of issue

I posted this question on stack overflow also


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