Could not enable tracing...not enough space on target drive ... 1012000474

I could find above post regarding this but i have followed the steps given and now my drive also contains more than 1 GB space, still i am unable to get sql data or file i/o data.

can anyone help me out. or atleast tell me the exact steps to change the temp directory. Te above link does not contain the proper steps to do this.


  • Hi technocrat - sorry to hear you're having trouble with ANTS Performance Profiler.

    Are you using the latest version of the profiler (7.2)? It no longer uses event tracing for SQL profiling, so you should be able to get SQL call data with this version.

    You may need as much as 4GB in the %TMP% directory to enable tracing for File I/O, so just having more than 1GB available may not be enough. You say the link does not contain the proper steps to change the temp directory - does the following command work instead?

    SET RGTEMP=d:\temp
    %programfiles%\red gate\ants performance profiler 7\RedGate.Profiler.UI.exe
  • Hi Laura,

    I am using the 7.0 version.
    Earlier i had less than 1 gb space in my system drive. I increased it to 1.5gb and tried again but was unable to get sql data. Then i tried in a machine that had 3 gb of space available in the system drive but still it did not work. Then i tried in a machine having 20 gb space available where it worked fine. so i was confused that how much space one should keep free as minimum for it to collect data.
    Thanks for telling that it should contain 4 gb at least whereas the link says that you should have between 1-3 gb available.
  • Thanks for the update - it sounds like the figures in the Knowledge Base article you found may be wrong. I can update them, but first I'd like to confirm that there's no other bug here.

    Were you able to try the latest version (7.2) and let me know whether you still hit this problem there? You can upgrade from within the Profiler via Help > Check for Updates, or download the latest version from ... -profiler/ . The upgrade is free for users of 7.0.
  • Hi Laura,
    After upgrading to 7.2, I am able to get the sql data even when I am using temp directory having less than 1 gb space. But now i am unable to get any data regarding the file i/o after changing temp directory also.
  • Thanks for the update, and I'm sorry you're still having problems getting file I/O results. How much space is there in the directory you've specified now? If there's definitely more than 3GB, and you definitely have "Record file I/O performance" checked on the Application Settings dialog when you start profiling, there may be another bug here. Could I get you to contact [email protected] with details of the application you're trying to profile, and any messages that display above your profiling results when you try to view File I/O data?
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