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I'm synchronizing tables from 2 different databases that were used in different companies. I need to be able to change the value in one of the columns with a fixed value instead of the value in the source table.

Can I do this without having to copy/paste all my scripts in SSMS to modify them ?


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    Thank you your post into the forum.

    Unfortunately you have to load your scripts into SSMS and modify them to update with your fixed value.

    SQL Data Compare was designed for the user to compare two data sources and generate a synchonization script so that both data sources become identical.

    You could possiblily achieve what you are seeking using our SQL Data Generator product, where post synchronization using SQL Data Compare, you use SQL data Generator to update the required columns with your fixed value.

    Further information regarding SQL Data Generator can be found here.

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  • Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it's not an option for me to change my values after synchronizing. The destination table has triggers on these columns that make sure the values exists in their corresponding master tables.

    The sripts will abort if I don't change the values before running them.
  • This may be possible by creating a view in your source database that only selects from the columns you want to synchronize.

    You can map this View with your target Table.

    David Atkinson
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