the path ... does not exist in source control

cpayancpayan Posts: 2
I just buy this software and when I try to use the software control the link page say the path does not exist, I use the same url that I can open in a browser

me setup is

svn as software control version (subvercion 1.7.1, apache 2.2.21 under visual svn)
windows 2003 server
sql 2005
tortoise svn version 1.7

this is the only message in the error window

[SvnLocation: RepositoryUrl=]

like I say I can open the url in the browser, but the browser ask me for credential, and the red-gate software dont, maybe this is the error


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member

    You typically don't have a repository at the root level of a website. If you want to source control a database, you create a folder using your source control system, and then link to that folder.

    The fact that you can open it in a web browser doesn't mean much. You could be looking at the root of the server or the management interface, and if the source control system is designed properly, it surely would not let you check files into that location.

    Please check your TFS documentation, create a repository through their interface, and link to that with SQL Source Control.
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