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We're trialing SQL Monitor 2.3 in our environment and I'm having some issues with suspended monitoring. I also have some questions about DB filtering.

We have a few solutions where a database will be backed up from one environment/server, and then copied/restored to another as a means of bulk data transfer over some very slow links.

Each day the DB will be recreated, backed up, copied and restored again. SQL Monitor loses it's permissions each time this happens, and suspends monitoring for all databases.

Now, I know the 'simple' answer is "just add the permissions before you backup", but we're in strict RBAC security contexts, and the security context between the environments is different. It's not practical to essentially embed SQL Monitor roles into our applications/solutions. We're also not comfortable integrating a monitoring tool that closely.

We're also not allowed to run SQL Monitor under an 'sa' account. (Again, highly secure environment).

Ideally, if there was a way to disable monitoring for certain databases, I think this would solve our issue. Our of 20-30 db's, there are only 5 that really need constant monitoring, others are archives, or temp data stores.

It's quite annoying that SQL Monitor needs access to all of these databases, even though we have no interest in monitoring them.


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    Thank you for your e-mail that my Sales colleague, Jenna Wass, passed onto the Product Support.

    SQL Monitor has been designed to monitor every database, this is the purpose of tool to monitor your SQL Servers.

    Whilst you can suspend monitoring for database maintenance reasons - ... nceWindows

    Or for certain alerts, not all of the alerts, you can choose not to alert for specific databases and through the Alerts Overview filter out databases that you wish not to see alerts generated for them. There is no option to suspend or stop monitoring specific databases.

    Therefore I have submitted Feature Request SRP-5652, to request the ability to suspend monitoring for specific databases. I cannot guarantee that this request will be successful or if approval is given what future version of SQL Monitor it will appear in.

    I will be maintain what our Bug Tracking / Feature Request system calls a 'Watch', which means I will be updated on the actions taken by the SQL Monitor Development Team.

    I believe that you have been in contact with your Red Gate Sales Representative and a support call F0055789 was generated for you.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
    Senior Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
    Email: [email protected]
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