Command line: IgnorePermissions not working on storedprocs?

matthewthackermatthewthacker Posts: 3
edited October 3, 2011 6:40AM in SQL Compare Previous Versions
Having a problem with the command line SQLCompare.exe that I just can't figure out. I have two dbs that I want to compare and I want to ignore the permissions differences on stored procs between the two. In the gui, when I select "Permissions" under the Options tab, below Ignore it works exactly as I expect - it only shows the differences between the actual code of the stored procedure. When I use the /Options:IgnorePermissions flag it does NOT ignore the permissions.

Am I using the wrong flag? Does it just not work from the command line?

I'm considering making the upgrade from a regular license to the pro license for the command line ability but if I can't get it to ignore permissions it won't work for me.



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