Unable to select "Columns in Comparison" [X]

matthewtammmatthewtamm Posts: 2
Currently evaluating SQL Data Compare v9.0.0.117...

Have discovered an issue where the option to select "Columns in Comparison" works maybe once or twice, then all that appears in the drop down is a big red X

Sometimes a restart of the application will fix it, albeit temporarily, can usually manage selections for a few more tables before that X is back

Have tried clearing any temp files that the app creates - to no avail

Any advice/help appreciated!

Thank you


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    Thanks for posting.

    When the controls get replaced with a big red 'x' on a white background, it usually indicates there's not enough memory.
    What kind of spec machine are you running this on? And how big is the DB? Can you also check how much memory the SQL Data Compare process is consuming at the time the problem occurs?
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