InitializeComponent() performance


New to using this performance tool.. and just starting to learn how it works..

I ran my application, and the result was that the InitializeComponent() code was around 25% of the 'Time'.

This is the standard winforms code that I don't deal with, and looking inside this code section, it looks like the time is being consumed by loading the third party controls I use on the form.

So I assume that there is not realy anything I can do to improve this code section.

The rest of the code is less than 1% time, so there is nothing else really causing a bottle neck, so I guess this is as much performance as I can get from my code.....?


  • Indeed- that's exactly what profiling and optimisation is all about- finding out where the bottleneck is. Very often you can't do anything about it directly but at least you know you can't so then you move on.
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