Import error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC004AB16

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edited August 5, 2011 6:44AM in PST Importer 2010

can anyone translate this error for me?

Import error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC004AB16

is the message on two failures out of 8 importing into exchange.

we have tried restarting the importer service and restarting the system. ther are NEW .pst files and we are a little baffled as to what to do next.
-the accounts are setup the same as the others in AD.
-.pST's created in the same way

im going to try running scanpst and see if that bring any joy but any assistance in the matter would be much appreciated.

thank you

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  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hello Shani,

    You can get this rather obtuse COM error code if your PST contains a "junk email" folder. There is something special about the messages in that causes Exchange to complain about trying to import "junk" into the mailbox.
  • Thank you for the help.

    Removed the Junk Mail folder in both cases (after some filtering) and both uploaded without error.

    Cheers for the Speedy response, muchos appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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