SQL Source Control 2.2 Early Access Release is available!

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Hello all,

The SQL Source Control team would like to make the following exciting announcement!

Hot on the heels of SQL Source Control 2.1 is the new Early Access Release of SQL Source Control 2.2!

This contains the following features for Subversion, Team Foundation Server, Vault, Vault Pro, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and Bazaar:

1. Object Filtering - It is now possible to filter out objects which you are not interested in source controlling
2. Improved Performance switching between tabs aka 'Flicky Tabs' - You no longer have to wait for your Commit and Get Latest tabs to update when switching between them
3. Some bug fixes
4. Some changes to the way that a user links a db:
a. When linking a new database, if the folder doesn’t exist then SoC will ask the user for a comment and create a folder for them automatically.
b. If linking to a subversion repository and the commit fails a pre-commit hook then a dialog will pop up asking for a new commit message.
c. And finally there’s now a repository browser for tfs/svn/vault that can be used from the new link dialog.

Please download the installer from this location:


Cautionary note: The Early Access release has received some testing but may contain issues as we continue to develop and improve the product for release.

Please provide us with feedback:
- If you experience an error dialog while you are using the product, please report the issue and include detailed reproduction steps of what you did prior to seeing the crash dialog and send the report to us
- If you have any other issues, please post them on this support forum or contact our support team at [email protected]
- If you have any suggestions for new features, enhancements, or things you would like to see, then please vote or comment on our Suggestion Forum, http://redgate.uservoice.com

Thank you!


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