Can you use sqb2mtf if you have split the backup files?

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If you split the SQL Backup into two output files, can you use the "sqb2mtf" to get a useable, native, backup file?

e.g. If I have xxxx_backup_1.sqb and xxxx_backup_2.sqb can I use the sqb2mtf command to obtain a usable xxxx_backup.bak file? If so, how?


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    Use sqb2mtf to convert each of the two sqb files to native backup files, then use the RESTORE command with two DISK parameters to restore the backup e.g.

    sqb2mtf <path>\xxxx_backup_1.sqb <path>\xxxx_backup_1.bak
    sqb2mtf <path>\xxxx_backup_2.sqb <path>\xxxx_backup_2.bak

    RESTORE DATABASE xxxx FROM DISK = '<path>\xxxx_backup_1.bak', DISK = '<path>\xxxx_backup_2.bak'
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  • Thank you, Peter. That worked!
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