Lost SQL Search

wocbondwocbond Posts: 2
edited January 31, 2011 6:29AM in SQL Search Previous Versions
I have done the automatic update of toolbelt today & upon restarting Management Studio got an error message to the effect that it is missing a file "Search_1.0.0.321_x86_cabinet_r123855.msi". The full text is below

"SQL Search 1 Setup

A network error occurred while attempting to read from
the file: C:\Documents and Settings\wbond\Local
Settings\Temporary Internet


I downloaded it again & tried to do the repair but got the same error message causing the install to fail.

As this was the one thing in the Toolbelt package that worked consistently (e.g. Prompt only works about 30% of the time) it would be good to have it work again. Otherwise it would seem a waste of money for my firm to buy the package.


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