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As a former SQL response customer, I like the new SQL Monitor, only really played with it today but I do have a few suggestions though, most of which in all honesty are more to with my personal tastes than anything serious!

1. The time display to use the 24 hour clock.

2. On the host global overview, be able to order the System processes (top 10) list by either Processor Time(%) or Memory usage (MB).

3. on the instance global overwiew, the system db's to be listed first and then user db's to be in alphabetical order. Or separate them like SSMS does.

4. The axis point lines on the graphs in the Analysis section to have feint gridlines in the background

5. Mobile device Support -

A mobile version of the site that displays just the Global Overview, or better still an android/iPhone App that does nothing more than point to the mobile site.

As I'm not a developer I'm suggesting things I don't really know too much about here but my point's based more on a "style over substance" idea.

For example, at my organisation anything that can be run via a Android/iPhone App and management go crazy for it,they'll hand over the money almost without question simply because they think it's "cool" that you can monitor a SQL box from an Android phone.



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