Feature Request: view excluded column values in results

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For many of my data comparisions, I exclude audit columns (date changed, by who, etc.) and sometimes identity columns. Even though I've excluded them for comparison purposes, I'd like to be able to see those values in the Row Differences Pane. That way I could tell who made the changes and when - this would be helpful in determinig which data to sync or skip without needing to run separate queries.

I suppose a good way to configure it is to add a new column to the "Tables & Views" screen that would include check boxes for columns that were excluded via the "Columns in Comparison" setting for the table. Call it "View Excluded Columns" or something.

If excluded from comparison, I would not expect those columns to be included in the sync, though that would be a nice option too.



  • Thanks for your post. We already have a feature request to include columns in the sync that were excluded from the comparison, which it sounds like would help here. I don't have a release date or version for this yet I'm afraid, although I think it will be investigated for version 9.
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