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I have just purchased SQL Virtual Restore 2.2 (I was waiting for encrypted SQL Backup support) and have a few questions.

1) In the documentation it states that SQL VR requires HiperBac to work, I have only purchased a license for SQL Virtual Restore 2.2, do I need to activate HiperBac as well?

2) In the documentation it stats that the actual backup file is never modified, in that case where are the changes made to the database stored?

3) How should I detach a SQL VR database, the same way I do for a normal database?

4) Let's imagine I attach a SQL Backup file via SQL VR on Monday, work with this modifiing some data and then wish to use an updated backup copy on Friday. The changes I have made to the virtual database can be lost, I don't need to keep these. How should I go about using a new backup file on an existing SQL VR database?



  • Hi,

    I have answered your questions below:

    1) No you do not, you only need the HyperBac service running (which it is by default after installing SQL Virtual Restore), you only need to license SQL Virtual Restore

    2) Changes made during recovery or after restore are saved in the virtual data and log files (vmdf, vndf, vldf) files, these files are compressed as well so they occupy minimal space

    3) You should perform a backup of the SQL VR database, which you could then restore as a physical restore (or another virtual restore) on any other system. You cannot detach a SQL VR database however.

    4) In this case you could simply do a subsequent Virtual Restore WITH REPLACE, which will over write the previous SQL VR database

    Hope this answers your questions, let us know if not
    Jeffrey Aven
    Product Management - HyperBac Technologies
    Red Gate Software
  • MartinHMartinH Posts: 82 Bronze 2
    All answered and understood.

    Thanks very much for the quick response and concise answers, much appreciated.

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