Do we need the SmartAssembly references?

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edited November 25, 2010 7:37AM in SmartAssembly 5
I just noticed that new projects created with SA 5.5 have a bunch of new assembly references (like {smartassembly}.MemoryManagement, SmartAssembly.HouseOfCards, etc)...

Are those required? What about old project files without them?
Can you shed some light on this please.


  • These seem to largely be added when using the error reporting (and using the error reporting with the sdk). Have you noticed any occurences when not using this feature? I'll be looking into this further to see if any more information can be gathered.
  • I DO use automatic reporting but no SDK at all. Just tested it and it seems to add them only when using the error reporting feature.
    Though old projects without those references seem to work the same. So do we need them :? ??
  • In general you shouldn't be seeing {smartassembly}.MemoryManagement, SmartAssembly.HouseOfCards, I'm not totally sure why you're seeing these.

    You will need SmartExceptionsCore as this is the code that actually compiles and sends in the error report. If SA is adding things to your project, it's likely that they're necessary.
  • When I remove those references and build it on the commandline, the assembly seems to work just the same and there are no build errors either. So my guess is that those "new" *smartassembly* references are not absolutely needed.
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