Sgen.exe and smartassembly

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Is there a process to generate or include the XmlSerializers.dll's into a combined dll.

For the moment I have three dll's.

a.dll, b.dll,c.dll

all are currently being obfuscarted/ processed via smartassembly into c.dll.

But I also post-process b.dll to produce the b.XmlSerializer.dll

How does this file get into c.dll ??????

As I've noticed that .NET simply looks for c.XmlSerializer.dll and not b.XmlSerializer.dll



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hello John,

    If you produce XmlSerializers using SGEN, SmartAssembly cannot detect them as dependencies and therefore will not attempt to merge or embed them, same as any other satellite assembly. This means you must ship both the protected dll and the XmlSerializers.dll.

    What I have suggested in the past, if this is a problem, is to run SGEN.exe as part of the program's installation. This would make the .NET SDK a prerequisite for your app, though.
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