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REQ: remove column from comparison option

tkdennistkdennis Posts: 114
This feature would be really handy:

When looking at the comparison of differences, be able to right-click a column and have it removed from the column mappings for the next sync. Right now I'm going through these steps on several tables with several hundred columns each to remove certain columns whose differences have been deemed irrelevant.

1. Write down name of column to remove from the next compare, plus some adjacent column names
2. Click Edit Project
3. click Tables & Views
4. click Find
5. type letters to find right table
6. click Columns in Comparison for correct table
7. page through column list to find column to remove, looking for any of the names written down to identify right area.
8. click compare check box to turn off
9. click Close
10. click Compare Now

What I would like to do:
1. right-click column
2. click remove from next comparison
3. click refresh



  • Thanks for the suggestion.

    It seems like a useful addition, so I have logged the request for the product managers to review.

    Hopefully it will be considered for a future version of SQL Data compare.

    For your reference the feature tracking code is SDC-1158.
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