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On my Win 7 64 bit box when I try to save an option set it never appears in the folder that is listed in Option Set Location. Plus it never appears in the Saved Option Set box.

When I do exactly the same thing on an XP 32 bit box it works perfectly.

Is this a bug or is there an alternate process for a Win 7 64 bit box?

I am running build on the XP box, but am still on the 1.3 build on the Win 7 box. Any possibility this is fixed in the new build?

Tim Goldstein
Denver, CO


  • Hate to reply to my own thread, but...
    I put the cummulative patch on the Win 7 64 bit box and same issue. The option sets do not save to the folder that is specified in the location box.

    Definitely a bug.

    Does anyone from Red Gate monitor this section of the forum???

    Tim Goldstein
    Denver, CO
  • I have some questions for you:

    - When you make changes do you change the Options Set name? By default this is SQL Refactor defaults, which does not get saved into the directory as a new file.
    - Does your user account have FULL Control permissions to the directory (Right-click Properties->Options->Sharing)?
  • Yes, I am changing the name of the option set when I try to save it. As I said, it is working properly on the XP box I am using at my client and I am using the identical process to attempt to save.

    Not sure on the permissions. Will check when I am back to my Win 7 64 box.

    I did make the assumption that because the installer created the directory it would have proper permissions as it was run under the same admin login I work from.

    Tim Goldstein
    Denver, CO
  • options sets not saving - windows server 2003 R2 stndrd x64

    * "* Customized" not going away
    * no error message
    * not appearing in SQL Refactor Defaults
    * Changing "Options set location" does not fix problem
    * running ssms w/o restricted access does not fix the problem ( right click, run as )
    * Sql Refactor
    * check for updates - none available
  • Tim - have you been able to look at the permissions on the directory?

    maassql - Thank you for your post. Have you changed the name in the 'Current Options Set' field? You cannot save to the SQL Refactor Defaults option set. Try saving under a new name.
  • @chrisk5 - appreciate the attention. Yes, I've changed the name.

    I submitted a support request and received a reply that the problem was somewhat reproducible and has been bugged.

    Upgrading to SQL Prompt 5 was the workaround.
  • Thank you for your reply @maassql.

    Tim, if you have checked the permissions/sharing on the directory and everything checks out then I believe that the same resolution applies to you. SQL Prompt 5 should be the solution.
  • Just as an update, in some testing we narrowed this down to the version of Management Studio. Tested two machines, both Win7 x64.

    SQL 2008 - seems to work
    SQL 2005 - doesn't.

    So if you find it not working in 2008 let us know, there may be other things that can be checked!
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