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Hello Everyone I hope this is still an actively monitored forum.

I have an old SQL Server 2000 instance with data mysteriously disappearing. With no other clues I have installed Log Rescue 1.2 upon several recommendations around the web.

My database is on a full recovery model and backed up nightly using built-in maintenance plan. The plan is optimized to "remove unused space from database files" but the transaction log backup is not part of this plan.

1. When I include the latest backup when loading my recovery project I get nothing.

2. When I run it without a backup and just let it pull the live logs, I get the same months old data every time.

I was worried that the nightly backup was truncating the logs so I tested it by manipulating some data and immediately loading my rescue project. I still just get the same old data, nothing recent.

I restored the same database on my development server and it works fine, even after hand running a full backup (though no nightly maintenance plans there).

Any ideas why I can't see any recent transactions?
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  • The SQL log rescue forum is still monitored, but as it's not one of our supported products, help on this forum will be limited.

    When you configured your project, did you add the FULL backup plus the unbroken chain of transaction log backups?

    If you just have the FULL plus the live log, then it probably won't work very well, unless there hasn't been any t-log backups since the FULL.

    I hope this helps.
  • Actually our transaction logs are not backed up at all, just the FULL.

    The logs also had not been truncated for quite some time and grew ridiculously large. Once I truncated the logs I started getting fresh data in SQL Log Rescue, and it has already saved me nicely. This set up suits my needs well enough.

    I have other questions but not related to this particular post. You can consider it closed.
    On linux I control the software, On windows the software controls me
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