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Alias "generator"

ktaylor1968ktaylor1968 Posts: 10
edited August 6, 2010 12:17PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
I just purchased SQL Prompt and would love to set up some aliases for our database tables. We have a 3rd party app that really used some pretty intuitive table and column naming structures.

Our Customer table is named co_customer and all of it's column names begin with cst_. cst_key, cst_id, cst_recno.

Our Invoice table is name ac_invoice and all of it's column names begin with inv_. inv_key, inv_code, inv_trx_date and even an inv_cst_key.

I would love to import a list of 1200 table names and aliases without pressing the "add" button and typing in each one. I can easily query these table name's and prefixes from our database.

Any ideas? I literally downloaded the program today, so I'm very new to it. Looks absolutely great so far. I'm just hoping there's some sort of import for the Aliases.

Thanks all!


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