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Collapsed methods without source, such as .....

While evaluating the performance profiler v5 and v6 with one of our larger applications I am seeing the following entry in the Method tree:

"Collapsed methods without source, such as framework class library methods"

The hit counts for these sections can range from small to over 10,000. I am very curious as to what is included in the heading. I am seeing this quite a bit and have no idea what is going on for this time. I have the local cache of the framework PDB's if there is a way to use them.

It would be valuable for me to understand what is being grouped into this category given the extremely high hit counts.


  • The default option is to only show methods with source code with things like .NET framework methods being collapsed as the node indicates.

    You can easily see the full stack trace by changing the display options in the combo box underneath the tree view from showing "only methods with source code" to showing all methods. This will expand the tree view call stack to show the entire stack trace.

    (Tip:If you have an expanded stack but some of the nodes haven't fully expanded, right click on the unexpanded node and right click. There's an option to auto-expand out the node).

    You must also make sure that in the opening dialog you have selected a profiling mode that includes profiling methods with and without source code.
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