Deleting a snapshot

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During profiling our application, I take numerous snapshots. I then save the profiler results to disk so they can be analysed later. They're coming out at nearly 400MB on disk.

I don't need some of the intermediary snapshots I saved, so is there a way I can delete them before saving to disk? I can't find an option for it.




  • Hi,

    There's currently no way to delete snapshots from AMP.

    We may consider this for future versions of the Profiler.

    Apart from this shortcoming - can I ask how are you finding the tool in general?

    Thanks for your feedback,

  • Very useful and easy to use. Have tracked down a big leak in one of our applications which was a gradual leak over a few days of running, causing us to run out of memory.

    Biggest issue I've had is that its failed to take snapshots on a few occasions due to errors such as 'unable to find class' errors which don't kill the mem profiler, but do leave the snapshot buttons etc disabled. I've send a support request regarding one of these to you.

    And earlier today, the mem profiler died completely when taking a snapshot.

    These don't seem to be reproducible though as I'm running in a virtual machine, so I take a virtual machine snapshot before taking a memory snapshot and if the snapshot failed, I revert the virtual machine and take it again which seems to work.

    But they are an issue as we have to run for about 12 hours between taking snapshots and if mem profile dies, it can delay us a day.


  • Hi Russell,

    this may be due to a number of reasons - quite a number of which have been resolved in V5.2 which should be coming out in the not too distant future.

    If you are using IIS then you may also be hitting a problem with a server GC issue that we have become aware of.

    I'll drop you an email to try and resolve these issues,

  • Thanks. We're not using IIS so it isn't down to this.


  • Just to say, we may be pushing it fairly hard. We have nearly 3000 classes and somewhere around 300,000 total instances in the classes list and using up to 500MB of GC memory (calling GC.GetTotalMemory) and sometimes over 1GB total VM size.


  • I second the request for a snapshot deletion feature!

  • I will also jump on this bandwagon. The ability to re name the snapshots is great, it would be very helpful to get rid of the ones that we know are not adding anything useful.
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