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I'm missing the SQL Collations. Is that really true? What about compatibilty to old database schema?
Or did I miss some options to set the collation?


  • Where are you missing the SQL Collations, and what versions of SQL Server are you using in the project? We tried to only provide collations that the target version of SQL Server would accept, but we shouldn't have deleted all the backwards compatibility collations from the list at any point.
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  • All MS SQL Server Versions 2005 below use SQL Collations. I'm using SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS.
    Please see 'new database' dialog or 'server properties' dialog during install to see these entries. With Packager 5 all was fine.
  • ... until I select SQL 2005 compatibility level -> then the disappear from the combobox. <server default> is selected instead.
    AND the List does NOT show any SQL-Collations anymore.

    BTW: 2nd Bug: Leaving the Compatibilty Level emtpy to keep the SQL-Collation entry (should have been my workaround) will result in an non executable package)!

    Haven't got any feedback for 24 hours, redgate :-(. I'm stuck right now.

  • Hi Michelle,
    any news on this topic? I do need support.
  • The compatibility level making the sql collation list not contain SQL collations is a bug :(. I managed to make a package when I tried to go for one leaving the compatibility level empty with the collation you specified, and haven't been able to make that fail.

    If you could give me some more details on exactly what you're doing when the package fails to execute? (i.e. C# or exe, what database version on each side, what things you change on the last screen of the wizard)
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  • MS Vista SP1 x64 english 4 GB RAM
    SQL 2005 Standard SP3 german
    - pack all tables, all records
    - .exe not compressed
    - SQL Collation SQL_Latin CP1_CI_AS
    - Recovery simple
    - Compatibility <server default> !not having touched this combo!
    - no changes on file locations
    - no change on database size
    - no change on database name

    - package name with xxx_20090127

    I was now also able to create a new package the way you described. The process failed before - probably because I set up the package based on a Packager v5 file.

    Do you need any further info?
  • Are you now able to use the workaround of not setting the compatibility level (and we'll hopefully fix the bug when we next have a new version of Packager), or is there an immediate problem you still have with the product?

    I'll have a go at reproducing the backwards compatibility problem, but it might be easier if you could send me the offending project file (to [email protected]).
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  • Michelle,
    the error in SQL Packager is going to be blocking now because 'Server default' collation is different to our sql-collation.
    Some update scripts do not work with these different collations. When you previously asked whether the problem allows a workaround I never expected the error not to be fixed. I definitely need an update now. The error already took us much time to work around, communicate an fix.

    Please save our good impression on Red Gate Products and Support.
  • Many thanks for your quick and solid fix of the error and the direct contact to you, Chris during fixing the problem.
    Packager is doing now what it is supposed to do.
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