Slow link, but I know the table I want to compare

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Just jumped into Red Gate and loving it so far.

When I'm using Data Compare over a slow link (2Mb line to a remote database), it can be frustrating slow to wait for the list of objects to be populated.

In most cases, I know the name of the table(s) I want to compare, so making me wait a couple of minutes for the object list to populate each time I start the app is a pain.

Is there any way I can use the connection wizard to say "from this DB to this DB, just this (or these) named objects" ?

Picking from a list is great some of the time, but I suspect a lot of the use cases for this tool are focussed on specific pre-known objects.

It would save me lots of time...



  • Hi leedavies,

    If it's always the same tables or a few different common table selections have you tried creating different projects for each? You could then just run these projects as needed. Another option could be to use the command line and specify which tables are to be compared. This of course will depend on whether you need to GUI to see the comparison results in that format.

    Information on the command line can be found here: ... %20Compare

    I hope this helps,
    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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