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I have hit a few (unimportant) issues with Ants Performance Profiler 5.

1) When you select Help | Red Gate Software Support Forum, you are taken to the version 4 support forum.

2) An issue I have been reporting for several years now is still unresolved. If accented characters are used in the source code, they are not displayed correctly.


Again, a truly great job by the team: congratulations.



  • StephenCStephenC Posts: 314
    edited June 23, 2009 8:50AM
    Hi Martin,

    1) Ooops. Thanks very much for reporting it. We will have to wait until 5.1 is released to fix this.

    2) We’ve tried several times, and it’s in JIRA, but the source code view just doesn’t want to play. The most likely problem is that the font being used in the source code view doesn’t have the right glyphs. You can change this in one of the settings files though so trying to change it to another font that you know does have the character glyphs is a good move. The file’s called “PerformanceProfilerUISettings.xml” and is in the same directory as the log files (Help > Open Log Folder...). You can see the setting here:

    <SourceViewFont FamilyName="**Default**" EmSizePoints="10" Style="Regular" />


    Changing it might or might not work; there’s no guarantee.


  • MartinHMartinH Posts: 82 Bronze 2

    I have changed the entry as follows:
      &lt;SourceViewFont FamilyName="Courier New" EmSizePoints="10" Style="Regular" /&gt;

    This is exactly the same font as I'm using in VS2008, and all the letters show up just fine, so I'm not too sure what more I can do.

    Can I send you some source files or machine configuration information? I am more than willing to cooperate to find a solution to this problem.

  • Hi Martin,

    sending files wouldn't help I'm afraid.

    Unicode fonts in Windows are insane, it’s possible the source code view is using the wrong API or something. Unfortunately, it’s made by actipro, not us, so we can’t fix it.

    This page might be interesting:

    It’s possible that Visual Studio can use multiple fonts to display Unicode and the source view only uses one: maybe something like the Code2000 font would be worth a try?
  • MartinHMartinH Posts: 82 Bronze 2

    I have installed Code2000, but still get the same results, but in a different font!

    It's obviously something to do with the 3rd party control the program uses, a pity as this spoils an otherwise first class program. Isn't it always the way, when something is outside of your control, that's what is going to let you down :(

    Thanks for your time anyway, much appreciated.
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