Nested Stored Procs

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I am trying to simple do a nested stored procedure and i cannot get intellisense to show me the stored procedures in the database.

within the stored proc i have the below if statement to execute another stored proc.
IF (@chrPartyOn = 'Y')
exec PartyInsert @intpartyID, @intGuestCount

I do get the intellisens on the exec but the stored proc option is grayed out. Do i have a setting off or am i missing something.


It works for the first 2 nested stored procs, that are contained with in if statements, but then doesn't work for any more after that.


  • Hi,

    I have tried to write some nested stored proc following your style on the AdventureWorks database and it seems to be prompting me SP and also the SP option is enabled in the CL.
    Can you pm/post in the forum the script that gives you the trouble?

  • After rebooting my PC this morning that seems to have fixed the issue. I did not reboot right after i installed it. Will let you know if it happens again.
  • Hi,

    SQL Prompt does not require a restart after installation and so that should not cause any issues. But if you see this problem again try to manually refresh your cache(either from the Prompt menu - Refresh cache or using the shortcut key - CTRL+SHIFT+D) to see if that resolves the trouble.

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