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I am seeing weird results with time results in ANTS

If I have multiple result sets open and run additional time tests, the results of old results change.

For example, in the first result set that I ran today, I had time results (Time / Time with Children) of 42.9 / 48.2 seconds. I made some code changes and re-ran the tests.

In my new compiled run, I have time results for the same method of 39.5 / 45.0. All is good.

However, if I switch back to the results of run #1 to look at other results, ( I never closed nor saved that data; it is still in my Results window) the data IS NOW CHANGED. What once was 42.9 / 48.2 is NOW 46.1 / 51.0 !!!

What is going on?? It seems that when I do a new profile, ALL the previous results still in the results window have modified data.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Zen,

    I cannot reproduce the results you're getting, but offhand I'd say that changing the results in the results panel is not firing an update for any of the other panels. I can't identify any easy potential causes for this. How exactly do you change between result sets -- using the keyboard, double-clicking a result? Are the results sets mixed between performance profiling and memory profiling results?
  • Brian,

    Sorry for the delay. Other work beckoned....

    I don't think the problem is related to the panels not being updated. It seems that the act of running a new profile session actually changes the results of previous sessions (that are still loaded).

    Like I said earlier, if I have results from two profile sessions loaded where the time of M1 is 10 seconds and 12 seconds respectively, and I run a 3rd session. Now the time of M1 may be reported as 9.5, 11, and 15 seconds respectively.

    I can toggle back and forth (btw, I double click the item in the Results window) all day and the results never change UNTIL I run a new profile session.

    BTW, I am changing between fast mode and detailed mode. That may help you reproduce the issue.
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