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I just purchased ANTS Profiler and am wondering how I perform the following functions...

1) How can I filter the namespace on a wildcard. For example, all of our namespace startes with "csi". I would like enter "csi.*" to filter all of our related namespaces. This would be quicker than selecting 20+ namespaces.

2) When I switch between snapshots, how do I retain my filters and sort orders? Can a button be added to quickly 'undo' or 'restore' to no filtering and no sorting?

3) On the "All Classes" tab, when I have a 'Live Count' > 0, is there anyway to get a breakdown of the classes, such as what instantiated them, where in the code, etc... similar to the "All Objects"?

Overall, what is the best way to find a memory leak? Is it to look at the 'Live Count' on the 'All Classes' tab, then cycle back to the 'All Objects' tab for the details?



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your post. You can filter a namespace using a partial match by right-clicking the column header and selecting the 'filter editor'. This provides a lot of flexibility to, for instance, show the namespaces that start with a string or characters.

    Once you determine that there are a large number of live instances of a particular class, you can open the all objects tab and filter the class column to see all of the instances of that class. Then it's possible to use the hierarchy to find the root object that is keeping each instance of the class alive.

    For more information about memory profiling, you may want to see some of Red Gate's technical papers.
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