Undesired side effects in Microsoft VS2005 VB.NET Editor

I purchased and installed ANTS 3.1 and PInvoke 1.1 over VS2005 and started encountering strange behavior in the VB editor. The background compiler is firing more often than it should be, causing auto corrections to be applied prematurely (every identifier is an undefined reference until I enter the whole word) and interfering with the IntellliSense functionality. I was able to attibute this behavior to the presence of ANTS with the help of the following MSDN thread:

http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/ShowPo ... D=1&mode=1

I checked and no maintenance updates are available for ANTS. This issue results in a significant productivity hit and I will keep ANTS uninstalled until I receive more information or a resolution to this issue.


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Thanks for posting. Visual Studio add-ins can be perilous things, but the Profiler add-in should not be having any effect on any code windows until the profile namespace/ profile method/ profile class menu items are invoked. At that point, a teeny-tiny call is made to find the current text pointer in the active code window. To be honest I think the MSDN post is a bit of a grasp for straws in that I have seen quite a few cases of other vendors' add-ins interfering with Profiler's so it may be some sort of cumulative effect rather than the exclusive fault of the Profiler add-in.

    I'd recommend disabling the Profiler add-in by going to the add-in manager from the tools menu of Visual Studio and un-ticking the load checkbox. If you do not load the ANTS Profiler add-in, you can rule it out as the culprit and it's easy to re-enable again.
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