Run Executable from a nework drive

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I've created a very simple package that will create a table and add rows to the table. I want to run the exe from a network share, so that I pass the package to a release team. When I run the exe from a network drive I get the following error:

"You don't have sufficient permissions to run an executable located on another machine"

I don't know if the exe is throwing the error or that I don't permissions to run an execute from the share.

I'm newbie to SQL Packager so I may have missed something very obvious...



  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for asking. This is actually a security exception being thrown from the .NET Framework. By default, the security permissions prevent you from running .NET code (such as your package) from across a network share. If you're really desparate to make this work, you can change your .NET installation's machine.config to allow remote execution as described here: ... php?t=2736

    Otherwise you would simply need to copy the package to the local computer.
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