Possible to compare only one element in extended property? TAKE 2

stealsteal Posts: 4 New member
Recently our dev team updated an extended property to contain multiple values, so that it now looks something like this-

"Branch" : "2024R1",

I'm comparing hundreds of databases using sqlcompare.exe.  I only want the compare to evaluate the "Version" element in the extended property JSON.  Is there a way to configure the compare options so that the other extended property elements get ignored and don't trigger a diff?  


  • If I understand correctly, you've chosen to add json as the value of extended property. SQL Compare will compare the value of the extended property, and therefore will just regard your json as text. It doesn't know that this is json, and therefore can't pick out specific elements.
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
  • stealsteal Posts: 4 New member
    Darn that's what I was afraid of.  I'll have to find out who made this decision (JSON) on the dev team and get the value I need added as a separate property.  Thank you for confirming!
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