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Unexpected Databases showing in tempdb version store graph

SEarle86SEarle86 Posts: 21 New member
I am seeing some unexpected databases showing in the tempdb version store graph on the server overview page:

We can see msdb, and some user databases I have named T1, T2, B1, B2 and B3, are all using the version store at various points in this 24 hour period

If I run the following query against the server, it returns everything I would expect to use the version store 

SELECT name,
FROM sys.databases 
WHERE is_read_committed_snapshot_on = 1 OR 
snapshot_isolation_state = 1

The results are as follows:

B1, T1 and T2 are using one of the snapshot isolation types so I expect those to use the version store. I assume with the database L being read only, it won't use the version store as there are no writes taking place.

So the two databases B2 and B3 are not using any snapshot isolation but appear to be using the version store. Why is this?


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