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Hi Team, Is roll Back feature is available in DataMasker tool.
Ex:If transaction with 2000rows in between Masking process ends with error at 1800 Row , is that Transaction can Roll Back. please suggest 


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    Hi @vinay11 there is no rollback in Data Masker because it is static masking, and wrapping all of the updates into transactions would not be practical for the log files (especially)

    You can of course just trigger the masking again though and it will just re-go over the rows it previously ran on. In what scenario do you think you will need a rollback?

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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,784 Rose Gold 5
    Hi @vinay11 for your forum post and @TheMaskedData for your update to this post.

    There is no rollback in Data Masker.  If you wish to return to the data before executing the Masking Set, you will need to backup the database to be masked prior to executing the masking set and restore the backup file created.

    I would like to know the scenario that makes you think a rollback is required?

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
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    vinay11vinay11 Posts: 15 New member
    Hi Eddie, Thanks for the response, Yeah here we have the scenario:
    Example: When we running the data masker which masked the primary key values unknowingly . We require PK values to be Roll Back . Please suggest the way ..... Thanks in advance
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    @vinay11 if you're masking Primary Keys then you'll be using a Sync Manager rule - if you're using a Sync Manager rule there should be rule within that group which deletes the temporary table containing the mappings of PK values to new masked values - if you disable this rule as part of the sync manager then it will not delete this table and you'll preserve the mappings which you can use to restore the values should you need. 
    Obviously, this is less than ideal because you're leaving a way to reidentify the values after masking but you could manually drop the table once you're satisfied.
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