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SQL Prompt Error

I am trying to install SQL Prompt on my windows parallels machine as an add-on for SSMS and am having a ton of trouble. I have to run SSMS as an administrator and every time I do I get this redgate error when I try to manage my license.

I don’t get this error when I run SSMS not as an administrator and it seems to work fine.

I have tried everything I can think of. Uninstalling and reinstalling SSMS and SQL Prompt, rebooting my machine, contacting my work Tech Support, but am at a loss.


  • Jon_KirkwoodJon_Kirkwood Brisbane, Australia Posts: 28 Bronze 1
    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Redgate Forums and sorry to hear about this pop-up issue with SQL Prompt and the licence management.

    This pop-up error does occur from time to time and it's not always clear on the cause. In a number of cases, it's due to strict browser security preventing the opening of new windows - specifically within Internet Explorer

    There is a work-around that could help in this instance:

    Open the product you want to activateNavigate to http://localhost:22221/redgate/status.htmlNext to the entry for that product, click Activate Here.Then over the 'Log in' button, right-click and copy the link locationPaste it into notepad and remove &openinbrowser=true from the endPaste that URL into a browser window to complete your login 
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • The Add-in 'SQL Prompt <version number>' failed to load or caused an exception. Would you like to remove this Add-in?

    If you choose yes, you will need to reinstall the Add-in to use it again.

    Error Message: The system cannot find the file specified.

    Error number: 80070002
  • Jon_KirkwoodJon_Kirkwood Brisbane, Australia Posts: 28 Bronze 1
    Hi rohitkashyap89

    Thanks for reaching out and providing the error message details.

    Can I recommend this page to see if it helps with your issue?
    Error 80070002 - The Add-in SQL Prompt failed to load or caused an exception

    If you still continue to have the error and have a support agreement with Redgate please log a ticket through our product support site so we can assist further.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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