enable\disable SQL prompt based on server?

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Is it possible to enable or disable SQL Prompt based on the server connection being made ?

Due to the extra resources being used, a request has been made that our developers only connect to production databases with the product off or uninstalled. For development and test servers it is not an issue.



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    Thank you for your post into the forum.

    There is an option in SQL Prompt that you can set so that SQL Prompt ignores Servers and databases.

    Click on SQL Prompt in the SSMS / Query Analyzer toolbar. In the menu that appears select options. Next select the Connections Tab.

    In the bottom half of the window, you have the ability to configure Servers and Databases to be ignored by clicking on the 'New' button. You can set the option to Ignore 'all databases on server' or a 'Specific database'.

    Hopefully this is the option you are looking for.

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