How to Crack the Sql Text from Redgate Tables?

Nick1611Nick1611 Posts: 3 New member
The sql text in the Redgate tables appears to be encrypted or in binary form; does anyone know how to crack the sql text (i.e. return it in human-readable form) from any of the QueryText or SqlText columns, such as:

   data.Cluster_SqlServer_TopQueries_Instances_View.Cluster_SqlServer_TopQueries_QueryText    or
   data.Cluster_SqlServer_SqlText_Instances.[_SqlText]   or

Naturally I have tried several CONVERTs and DECOMPRESSing, but nothing seems to work.


  • Nick1611Nick1611 Posts: 3 New member
    Ah, just remembered that sql server ALSO encodes sqltext; the solution is to use the same sys dynamic function that you would use to get the sqltext from sql server's own repository namely: sys.dm_exec_sql_text
  • Nick1611Nick1611 Posts: 3 New member
    I've been looking at this again; the data sizes for the sql text strongly indicate that the sql text has been compressed, has anyone come across a way to decompress the data?
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