Missing update statements in Transaction Log

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I am using Log Rescue on a database which backup-files are not recognized as backups of this database. But the backup-files are correct and I'm able to restore them into another database.
To restore the rest - from backup-time to a certain timestamp - I want to use the transaction log.
This works pretty well. All inserts, deletions and updates of inserted rows are found and corresponding statements can be created.
But Log Rescue is not able to restore some update-statements of older rows since old and new value are not available.
I understand that the old value is not available because Log Rescue has no backup to retrieve the information but the new values should be in the transaction log so Log Rescue should be able to create the update statement.

Is there any way to get these update-statements?


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    Thank you for post.

    Unfortunately there is nothing I can advise that will obtain these update statements for you.

    If SQL Log Rescue cannot retrieve an old value or new value, (Unavailable) is displayed.

    Likewise if SQL Log Rescue cannot retrieve the user information, Unrecorded (n) is displayed, where n is the user id or -1 if this is not known.

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