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When working with large databases, it takes considerable time and space to get all the options correct and the EXE generated. Unfortunately, this wizard-like process does not have a midstream reentry point.

After many hours of generating hundreds of gigabytes of DDL, DML scripting in the rgtemp folder, any error generated crashes the entire process and restarting the app will not even cleanup all those temp files, but start creating even more.

Each stage through the wizard should provide the user opportunity to save the progress; therefore, enabling an opportunity to restart at the last successful stage. Not to mention clearly manage the rgtemp file list, considering it's exclusively for this app.

In fact, the entire project works in a dialog! While unorthadox approaches are sometimes leading edge, in this case, loss of the ability to save the project is a considerable negative aspect.

I have yet to copy a 91 gb database for a host of reasons and am now very unsure of using/recommending this software at this point. This is very unfortunate, because it appears a significant amount of valuable work has been applied here and it portends to be a great solution....


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    Thank you for your post.

    We at Red Gate like to receive feedback regarding our tools.

    I agree with you that many hours can be spent creating a project and the ability to save progress would be a useful feature.

    I will create a feature request for this post and hopefully your request may appear in a later version of the software.

    Unfortunately I cannot give any guarantees that your request will be approved or any time scales as to when your request will be incorporated into SQL Packager.

    Many Thanks

    Eddie Davis
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    Eddie Davis
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