Using DLM Dashboard with SQL Change Automation - sending changes from CA project

DylanPDylanP Posts: 10 New member
We have just started implementing SQL Change Automation. I would like to use the DLM dashboard to track schema drift in our live environment. From what I have been able to read, there seemed to be a feature in the old DLM Automation tool to send the packaged changes to a DLM dashboard. Is there still a way to do that with a Change Automation project?


  • Are you deploying using state or migrations? This was number plumbed into the latter, and we've since made the decision to not invest further in DLM Dashboard in its current form, although we still have aspirations to build a drift tracking capability elsewhere. If you're using state, we believe this should still work, although it's no longer a supported feature.

    Regarding drift, are you mostly interested in whether drift has occurred, or is it also important that you have a full drift reporting describing where it has diverged?

    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
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  • DylanPDylanP Posts: 10 New member
    Well, I've set up CA so that it generates migration files, but whenever it does the deploy through Octopus it does a full compare to generate what I would call a state-based approach. I admit I get a little confused.

    I mostly wanted to use it to check when drift occurred in the production database so we could act sooner, rather than wait the ~40 minutes for a full deploy cycle. It is important for us to see what drift has occurred and who by so we can work with that person to get the change into source control.
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