Missing user defined formatting styles

After one of the latest SQL Prompt for ssms updates (probably 10.5.0), SQL Prompt extension stopped recognizing my user defined formatting styles. When I try to change formatting style I have only "Built In" formatting styles available.
Previously styles have been stored in "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10\StylesV2" folder, but right I have them in my "OneDrive\Styles" folder and I don't remember moving them there.
Copying styles back to previous StylesV2 folder doesn't solve the problem, I still cannot select any custom style.

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  • PaulMoranPaulMoran Posts: 2 New member
    I have the same issue under SQL Prompt for ADS v0.2.5 - was there a new release published?
  • SzymonOsSzymonOs Posts: 8 New member
    I'm using v2.5 which has been released shortly after Owen's response, and it fixed the issue for me. Just make sure, that you have your styles properly configured and available in SSMS and then configure SQL Prompt in ADS following the instructions available in extension details.

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