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Ability to Update Multiple Products

Each redgate product does a great job of notifying my that there's an update available when I open that application, either directly or via SSMS.  What would be great however is if when I clicked on the link to install the update, that the "updater" took the additional step of checking for other updates (for my installed products) and giving me the ability to install those as well (i.e. check or uncheck a box to include them).  The only way I can figure out how to do this is to go onto the redgate site and find the latest version of the SQL Toolbelt and download it and then go through the product installer.  Instead I find myself opening each product and doing the individual updates.


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    Hi @SCGJohn

    Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, there isn't any way to update all products within the SQL Toolbelt at the same time other than you've already suggested, using the latest version of the SQL Toolbelt installer download it and then go through the product installer.  
    I'm going to feed this back to the installer and product teams to ensure that they're aware that this is something that is being asked for.

    Sarah Beckett| Customer Support| Redgate Software
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    jack_leejack_lee Posts: 1 New member
    I hope it will be fixed in a short time!
    Jack from IBuyEssay
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