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We have a blob storage for all our servers, and I linked one of our server to that Blob Storage. What I discovered that, the folders I can't assign each database backup to a different folder in Blob Storage. Than means I can't use a Cloud Storage Settings to set different backup to different folders. Is this a future missing or am I missing some functionality.


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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    No you are not missing functionality.  When support for Azure Blob Storage was added to SQL Backup V10, the ability to select a folder was omitted, which means users cannot set different backup sets to different folders with the Azure storage.

    Also if manually scripting backup jobs, the HOSTED_FOLDER and HOSTED_TAGS keywords should not be used if the your cloud storage is Azure (It is only supported if using AWS S3 bucket).

    I recommend that you vote and comment on this SQL Backup UserVoice topic.

    In the short to medium term there are no plans to add Azure Storage to the HOSTED_FOLDER and HOSTED_TAGS keywords.

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